Direct Response Websites Convert Prospects Into Customers

Most small business owners have never heard of a direct response websites. They spend thousands of dollars on beautiful websites, only to find that it does not make them any money. If your website is not turning your prospects into paying customers, you are wasting your money, so direct response website are a great marketing strategy for your business.

The purpose of a direct response website is very simple. To get some form of response from a targeted group of people. Your website should either make a sale, or get your prospect to request additional information. If your website is not moving the prospect forward in the sales process, it is just window dressing to your business.

What is a direct response website? It is a site which aims at stimulating a response from the customer. It focuses on selling a product and getting an immediate response. This is different from what I like to refer to as an image based website. Image based websites are pretty. They have a lot of bells and whistles.

They make the owner of the site very proud, because they have the baddest website on the internet. But they are not making the owner any money. What’s the point in that?

I have listed seven major differences between image based websites and direct response websites.

1. Image based websites are designed to impress. They focus on the business. The website is busy telling the customer or prospect how great the business is. Customers don’t care about that.

2. Direct response websites focus on the customer. They show the customer what’s in it for them. It focuses on benefits. The customer wants to know how his life will be better if he takes advantage of your offer.Show him.

3. Direct response websites educates the prospects. You are able to automatically send them a series correspondences which gives them more and more information about your product or service.

4. Direct response websites enable you to capture your prospects contact information, and receive permission from him to continue to communicate with him. You can send him a series of emails which shows him step by step how to use your product, and how it will benefit him.

5. Direct response websites allows you to build a relationship with your prospect over time. Marketing experts explain that your message must be before a prospect between 5 to 8 times before he decides to buy. This turns a cold prospect into a warm paying customer.

6. Using the tools of direct response websites, you are able to establish yourself as an expert in your prospects eyes. By writing informative articles on your website and in your emails you become an expert on your subject in the prospects eyes.

7. Direct response websites allow you to automatically follow up with your customers after the sale. By servicing your customer after the sale, you make sure your customer is satisfied. This allows you to continue to market to him, selling him more often, and in greater amounts.

It is easy to see from the above list how direct response websites turn your prospects into customers, and increase the profits of your business. Take the focus off of your business, and place it on how you can educate and benefit your customers, and watch your business soar.

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